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Business Value Creation


Business Value Creation

This service is the heart of FABC Accounting. We work together with our clients to increase the attractiveness & market value of their businesses by setting up a clear vision, values & directions for their business. We bring efficiencies by setting efficient systems in place in sync with our mission statement.

How reliant is the business upon you? What would happen if you didn’t go into the office/factory/shop for 6 weeks? The business must be able to run independently of your involvement.

You must be able to leave for two months on a holiday without contact with the office and the business maintains, continues and even improves its performance whilst you are away.

Are you interested to find out :

· What do you gain when you have an accountant who helps design your future instead of just writing up history?

· What pains do you feel when your accountants & bookkeepers focus just on Compliance.?

· How do you know that your business has an Effective Growth Plan?

· How does having an Effective Growth Plan impact your lifestyle, freedom and sustainable profit?

· What are the possible consequences if do not have an Effective Growth Plan?

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